Monday, January 12, 2009

State of mind

Financial people all over the world nervously wonder how far the world economy will be affected by the American sub prime mess which precipitated current market volatility

And so they might

Having through their greed started the whole thing

And now our governments bail them out

The small tax payer pays so that they may keep their privileged lifestyles

Has it ever been thus

Now recession begins to bite everywhere

A needed adjustment to slow down their greed maybe

So what started in the financial sector now drags us all in with years of difficulty in store

How much is in our state of mind and how much is it the tighter credit and difficult financial situation?

Slowly we all buy in and so create what we are worrying about

The media helps to fan the flames

Pundits endlessly pontificate

Has it ever been thus

And your own view of this is what?

Do you buy into the fear?

Time maybe to decide to cut back, adopt a simple life style

Let the others pile up more debt

Chose instead to live with pleasure in what you have and not what you do not have

Materially that is

These times can be challenging for many who have never seen a severe recession

Indeed this catalyst could cause many surprises

Take steps now of your own choice to change your life

Do not be forced to respond later because that is always tougher

Your state of mind will determine how you experience what is coming at us all

State of mind is all

Change yours

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