Thursday, January 22, 2009


Forget about self-help.

The "self" is fine just the way it is

It doesn't need any help

Because our self is not our body

Not our mind

Our self is what many call our higher self

And it is absolutely fine as it is


Because being our higher self it knows

It knows how we should behave

What we should do

What is real and what is not

Why we are here

In fact everything we need or might want to know

Which is why we keep urging that you learn to meditate

So that you can control and still your mind

Because only by going beyond mind can you reach your higher self

Except of course for those rare occasions when you "just know" something

Or assign knowing to intuition, which is really your higher self

So if you want to grow and communicate with your higher self then the way is clear

Learning to approach our true self is arguably the most important work we can do on ourselves

Nothing can yield more support and help, more truth about the nature of things

Unfortunately the journey

For that is what it is

Is the hardest we can undertake

Which is why so few do so

Coming to you

Why not!

What else are you doing?

Something more important?

Is your life really so great?

How is your peace of mind?

Make your life choices consciously

It would be a shame if you come to the end having made none

Or worse maybe having just copied others without ever having thought for yourself

Or maybe just gone along with the prevailing cultural fashion without ever asking yourself if it made any sense or had any feeling of truth to it

Or answered any of your deeper needs

If life has not yielded these truths for you then start thinking because this journey you are on is yours alone and no one can do these things for you

Your higher self is waiting for you to make contact

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