Friday, January 23, 2009


Is what people are hoping for from President Obama

The hope that he can inspire and lead

Does he have any real ideas, hopefully yes

Does he have a chance, yes because people need positive ideas after the disasters of his predecessor

Interestingly his talk of positive change is what people around the world want

People are tired of negative talk about so called wars on drugs, terrorism, poverty and the rest

So called wars that the US has been losing for years

Greed and selfishness are also becoming deeply unpopular

Around the world people have watched the rich and famous disporting themselves in ever more obscene opulence

The crescendo being reached in the greed that precipitated the current financial crisis

Enough of selfish greedy behaviour

So inspiration and talk of more admirable goals is definitely a possibility

Inspiration can set directions

Can change the mood

Can lead to changed behaviour

Will it?

We will see

And for each person individually how does it touch you?

Only through example can real change take effect

Will your own example embrace new fairer, kinder values and behaviour?
Or are you looking to become rich and famous?
Leading a life of kinder fairer values moves one to a life of greater satisfaction and peace of mind
A life pursuing money and fame leads to suspicion and over time paranoia
Aspiring to money and material things must over time lead to emptiness
Check where you are going and think twice if it is after money and objects
Make your life one of contribution

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