Saturday, January 24, 2009

How can I?

Find a better way of understanding myself?

Why don't I feel better?

Why do I feel depressed and down and not so happy?

Why is life so hard, what can I do to feel better?

Well we could give lots of answers, but we will leave out the ones given by the self help industry

An industry of hype dedicated to material return for the most part

Unfortunately for their consumers many of their solutions only "work" for a very short time

Even more are simply based on ideas that are simply not true, which is why they do not work after the ra ra has worn off.

The difficulty is in knowing who to trust and how do you know what is rubbish and what has merit?

Notice how seldom parents, school, church and governments offer satisfying ideas or answers to these questions about life

Questions central to all our lives

Why do I feel bad?

Why don't I like myself more?

What can I do to make my life better?

For sure parents, school, church and governments don't know the answers otherwise we would all follow what they suggest and live in a world of contented happiness

And no we don't live in a world of contented anything and come to think of it they don't have much to suggest at all

The only ones pretending to answer are companies or organisations offering products and services which theoretically will change your life in amazing ways

Usually the only amazing thing is how often so many people are duped

All they want is your money

Today so much talk is about money one way or another

Maybe that's why we all feel so unfulfilled and iffy because money does not do it

What makes a real difference to our lives though is understanding one or two simple things

Such as the true statement that we have many many lives, which once understood and believed gives us a psychological lift

Each life purpose is to learn one or two major lessons

These lessons stem from our successes and failures in previous lives

The purpose of these lives is to evolve our consciousness

To help us grow from being selfish and greedy to being unselfish and more altruistic

As an aside notice how greed and selfishness are almost worshipped today with the media uncritically full of stories about the greedy and selfish, with seldom a mention about how they obtained their wealth and power or any observation about how unpleasant so many of them are

To continue another important point is that what we do has consequences, meaning that we are responsible for ourselves and what happens to us, life has few if any so called accidents

Yes only you can determine what happens to your experience of life

For sure your karma is in play and brings lessons to you throughout your life

For sure you might blame things on bad luck

You might also blame things on others

Your family, boss, friends and so on,

In truth though it is you that creates the life you experience

No one but you

Cause and effect in other words

Asians would call it karma

Put the two points above together and you have reincarnation and karma

These two allow us to understand why the world is as it is and why our lives are as they are

In fact only reincarnation and karma can explain the genocide, greed and unhappiness on our planet

If this resonates with you then you can study this in more detail and understand more clearly why your life is not one of blissful happiness

You can move further and see that blissful happiness is not so likely under most scenarios, however peace of mind can be

Your life fulfillment is more important than happiness

Happiness being an emotion comes and goes as it will

We can get more of it once we feel that we know why we are here and what we are meant to be doing

And that is being the best we can everyday, day in day out, with whatever life throws our way

Growing and learning and along the way sharing and enjoying with those around us

That's how you can get more out of life and feel better about it

Knowing why you are really here and what you are meant to be doing makes life easier

Takes the strain out of many things knowing that nature just wants us to do our best
That's all
And that's how you can make a real difference to how you feel about yourself and your life

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