Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beyond gross materialism

Is it possible that we can go much lower?


However once we have produced every conceivable porno film

Brought every discussion down to it's lowest possible common denominator

Produced the ultimate banal useless product or movie

Then maybe, just maybe

We can leave those who need to consume such garbage to feed on it as they will

While the rest of us can lift our eyes and see

What has been there all along

A great big mystery waiting to be explored

Our future lies in the greatest exploration ever undertaken

The kiddy stuff has been done

We have climbed every mountain

Raced around and explored every ocean and desert

Built all we can use and then some

Consumed more than enough

Explored all the obvious and then some

So what next?

Our evolution is in inner space not the external physical space

We've done a lot of that

And it isn't giving us the answers we crave

It has not brought us peace of mind

Far from it we are more stressed than at any time in our recent history although we have more of everything

So our journey now is to understand consciousness


Because this is where so many answers lie

Mind does not allow the full exploration of consciousness

Consciousness goes so much further than mind can take us

Where can we go beyond mind?

What is there beyond mind?

What all the sages have ever said

The truth beyond our current myths

Yes there is such a thing as both relative and absolute truth

Every detail of human history from the first day until now is recorded

Every detail is in what is called the akash

And the only way to unlock this treasure is to go beyond mind

And there we can find the answer to our questions

The truth about ourselves

Where we come from

Where we are going

What causes nature to behave as it does

And so many other questions we would like answers to

Many answers

Answers the Masters have known for millions of years

And never shared


Because we have to earn the right to know these things

Have to be mature enough to face the truth

Have to be wise enough to understand the truth

That is why it is so difficult to approach

These things have to remain hidden until we prove ourselves ready and qualified to see

Each and everyone of us who wants to understand must qualify himself

Nothing is for free

Maybe that's why we ignore this great prize

We are not ready

But as we said before it is up to us all as individuals to choose whether or not we want to embark upon this adventure

The journey we are describing is not one for governments or organisations

They are not able to approach this

Culturally inappropriate if you will

But for those of a particular persuasion

Is there really anything more worthwhile?

Move beyond gross materialism it does not bring much

It offers no peace of mind

Nor does it answer that small voice in your heart.that says is this all there is?

There are answers but it is up to each of us to find them.

Life after life we have this choice

What are you choosing to do with your life?

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