Monday, January 26, 2009

Say something

Anything just say something new please

Something positive

Something I have not heard a thousand times before

Not the same old nothings

Going on and on about nothing

So often we accept monotony in our lives

Monotony rules because we have slipped into it


Because those choices seemed best for us at the time

It seemed to be the easiest course of action for us

We just sort of slipped into it

So we wind up saying nothing, our lives filled with monotony

Day after day doing nothing new

Nothing new coming into our lives

Lives.of habit

At some point one of us will find it impossible to accept the monotony of thought and expression

Maybe we finally stir when it is already late in our lives

Lives wasted through fear of change

Or laziness

Or the illusion of security

Stay in monotony if you want but be warned nature will stir you up at some point

Your decision

Make it a wise one

What appears to be the path of least resistance today is often the most difficult over time

Particularly in relationships

Say something new, learn something new, keep growing it is one of the secrets of a full life to keep growing throughout our lives

Decide whether or not the monotony in your life is worth it

Is this all you want from life?

If not then act not in deceit

Not by having affairs

Not by cheating

Not by avoiding the issue

But by stepping up and sorting it out

You only have this life once

Make it a good one because if you do not then guess what you will have to live it over again until you do learn your lessons

That's what karma and reincarnation mean in practice

Living the same life over and over until we learn

Only then can we move on

And moving on is surely what we want in this life too?

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