Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too fast

For most of us

Life that is, it just seems to be flying by

I was looking at a sixties film the other day and noticed how few cars there were

How few people on the streets

How slowly things moved in both the film and the manner in which they talked

Were they so slow or is it us speeding up?

A bit of both

Life is certainly faster in the bigger metro areas around the world

Time seems to be such that our memories of even a few days ago no longer linger as they used to

The past is gone wiped out by the speed of our lives

Question can we any longer relax?

Or must we have noise and images around us all the time?

TV and film images often filled with violence

Music aggressive and dominant, lyrics no comment

Those who ski know that apart from the great feeling of skiing there is a peace about the whole experience, eating better, sleeping better, enjoying oneself unless of course you go out to night clubbing in which case your experience is something else

Apart from skiing beach holidays, inland holidays in mountains or other determinedly quiet holidays how is your ability to slow down?

Can you?

Is it possible when time is experienced as going so fast?

Just the sheer number of things we try to do each day

And that just to do the minimum to keep our lives on track

And yet if we do not learn how to slow down the penalties are severe

None of us can avoid paying with our health or relationships if we do not learn how to slow down

No exaggeration

No hype just a statement of fact

If we do not learn to slow down we pay

Most of us are not very good at observing those in front of us
Do it, see how the generation in front of you are doing

How many are doing well?

How many are in good health?

How many have found peace of mind?

So just one thought in this respect

If your mind is able to rest even for a short time each day you will be more relaxed

So as we keep on saying learn to slow down your mind


As a starter just close your eyes, sit still and listen to your breath going in and out

Push stray thoughts away and focus

Mentally fill yourself with light

Imagine pulling the light down through your head to your stomach

Hold it there for a count of seven then imagine it being released throughout your body

Do this seven times

Then relax a minute or so more and get on with your life

Several times a day if you can

Once your mind realises you are serious it will one day to your great surprise stop bombarding you with thoughts

And when you hit this state you will know peace unlike any other you have known before

And then of course you have blown it because you are thinking again!

No matter once you have been in this state you will want to find it again

As they say every little helps

Slow your mind even for a few short periods each day

No matter how important your life and affairs

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