Friday, January 30, 2009

We should all

Back up our lists and files

On our mobiles and other electronic equipment and take that smallish effort to prevent them from getting lost or corrupted

And do we?

Often not because we are too busy

And then that horrible day comes when the phone gets stolen or lost and the device crashes or gets corrupted

Then we regret not having spent that little bit of energy to secure the numbers and information

In a very real sense life can be like this as well

So many little things we can do to make life easier

Yet often we are too busy or in too much of a hurry and never quite get around to taking those steps that can change our lives

Yes in a very real sense these little things can act as catalysts for major change in our lives

Notice how simple things do in fact change our lives

Mega life changes often arise or evolve from simple little things

Usually not those things that seem mega and important at the time

A challenge for you

Look at your life and see whether or not this is true for you

That the things that have changed your life were not visible nor planned they arose as a result of seemingly innocuous situations

Which if true then it says something about our lives

If in fact life throws up situations that change things in unexpected ways then why do we spend so much energy planning and trying to control things?

Let life unfold more

Give it a chance to show you how much better it often is to let go of the stress of trying to make things happen

Let go the illusion you control things

It is an illusion, which inside you know to be true

Just one dose of flu shows you the truth of that

Maybe it is nature's way of saying, yes be sensible

Yes plan if you must

Certainly write and save your back up lists and information

However understand that much of your life is not controllable

Nature will always surprise us both individually and as a race

Learn to be both sensible and to let go

Take the time to do those sensible things and then let go and enjoy something new

Take a risk or two do not arrive at old age having done nothing, having experienced nothing

Live a bit because no one can do this for you

The really big things in your life are not going to turn out as you think anyway so enjoy new actions and activities

A life containing adventure is so much more interesting than one of undue control

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