Saturday, January 31, 2009

1 2 3

And off we go

1 - Life has a purpose - we have many, many lives with each offering the chance to learn a major lesson leading towards enlightenment

2 - We are personally responsible for our actions and thoughts - which create the life we are experiencing now and which we will experience in our coming lives

3 - Karma rules - we do not escape punishment if we do wrong nor reward for doing right

Once these simple ideas are true for you then your life changes

Must change

The idea of many many lives is far from new, most of the world believing in reincarnation, except for modern Christians who are taught the unbelievable idea of one life and then heaven or hell for ever and ever. A teaching far from those of the founder of Christianity

In reality many many lives are necessary to teach us all that we need to know and experience as we move from selfishness towards altruism

Most of us do not think that our thoughts are more important than our actions, however it is so

Controlling our thoughts leads to control of our actions as the thought always comes first, even when we react to something it is on the basis of our thoughts about the situation

Karma is the first and most basic law of the Universe and all are subject to it.

Karma is accurate and as a result we get away with nothing, even if we might think we have at the time, karma will adjust the situation later in another life even.

These ideas are simple in concept and are not difficult to understand more importantly though do they resonate with you?

If they do then adjust your life to adopt the ideas given above

If they do not then a simple challenge does your current perception of how things really are make sense of the world and what is going on?

Is your understanding coherent, if not then think could your understanding be the truth if what you see around you does not make sense?.

Can this world be the work of a loving all seeing all wise God?

Can it be if it does not make sense?

Would any all wise God condone such behavior?

How can there be different religions hating each other?

How can any God condone genocide, murder, rape, incest, greed, and wanton destruction of the planet?

Don't think they could

Alternatively Karma and man having many many lives makes absolute sense in the context of each life being about growing and learning, other teachings do not and cannot explain human misery and apparent injustice, karma and reincarnation do

Moving beyond selfish behavior also makes sense as a direction for human evolution

What else does?.

1 2 3 is really the only way to go

Once this resonates with you and you start trying to be the best you can every day then your life will begin to resonate in a way that makes sense of your life and why you are here

Understanding why things are as they are changes us

Understanding truly why you are here changes you too

Acting upon these understandings brings peace of mind in a world out of control

A world forgetful of what it should be about

Make it your business to live your own life as it should be lived

Working and growing towards the light

Truly accepting and living by these simple precepts, be they the eight Buddhist precepts or Christian ten commandments they are in origin all the same

Over many lives humanity as a whole and us as individuals have the chance to change our behaviour

We say slowly because changing human consciousness is very hard and very slow

Giving up selfish behaviour only happens when people truly understand what life is truly for

Change your understanding of why and what you are here for and your world changes

The old saying if you want to change the world then start by changing yourself is a truism

Just 1 2 3 really

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