Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not possible

It is just not possible to see how things can work out

Yes we all have met this at one time or another

Being in situations where there is no way things can work out

And yet, and yet somehow they do

Yes hitting that brick wall, avoiding that near disaster somehow we moved past it

Somehow things sort of worked out

And then off we go again, big sigh of relief

And we happily forget until the next time

Well yes that's one way of doing it

And for many that's just fine

Pause please, the world we are moving into is more stressed than it was before

And while we can just push things into the background a smarter approach is to remove all the possible areas of stress that we can

Removing stress has to be smarter than storing it up

And while we can push things into the background they are still there in our subconscious adding hidden stress to our lives

Being stress free is maybe an Utopian idea in our modern world however we can move towards it

Take one area only

The nasty letter

A nasty letter saying that you have done or not done something

A letter full of menace and potential unpleasantness

Read it, then read it out-loud again

Doing this begins to clarify the real intent behind it

Often unpleasant letters sound slightly different when read out-loud, because the act of reading out loud clarifies the contents, clears them in your minds eye

After reading our-loud note the main points

Ask someone you know to read it to see if they agree

Quite often they see different aspects

Their perspectives are different

And this is often what we need a different perspective

Write out a draft reply

Again read out loud see if you are finding the right tone

Being accurate in your reply

Sleep on it one night

Hold the first thought when you wake up because often it will give you a new or adjusted thought about the subject

Amend your draft

Read again then if you are happy with what you have written, mail it keeping a copy on file

Just those little things can reduce stress

Those little things of balance, checking, confirming, adjusting

Being honest is also one important aspect in finding ways to reduce the stresses in our lives

So if the nasty letter was the result of less than good behaviour on your part then determine to be more honest in future

Indeed now is the time to reduce the number of potential causes of nasty letters or other unpleasant potential events in your life

Life with reduced stress is worth the effort

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