Friday, June 26, 2009

The way it is

If you truly wish to grow your consciousness and embark upon the path as a full life objective then this must be your personal private choice

Yours alone

Your personal decision

No one may push you

And when you do decide to consciously grow as your lifework then you must undertake this alone

No one may do this for you

This is nature's way

It is the law

All are equal in that any of us can undertake this journey

Any of us anywhere at any time

In any life

All may and all are equal in the eyes of nature

History shows this to be true

Throughout history there have been remarkable men and women, who came from very different and challenging backgrounds who walked on the path of consciousness evolution

All found their own way

At each stage you must risk

Risk before you know how things will turn out

Nature allows no other way

At each stage this is so

Risk is everything

Showing the courage to let go of your illusions

Your safety nets

Before you have any proof that things will work out

Learning to let go and accept that however things work out is fine

Giving your life to service

Accepting whatever may come your way, learning about love and sacrifice

Few people consciously choose this path

The choice must remain personal

There is no other way to advance our consciousness evolution beyond the mind

We must choose to do so because something speaks to us inside

Be warned should you decide to go this way

You will be challenged in ways you cannot imagine

And one of the first things to happen is that all your fears and weaknesses will be exposed

Exposed to you with no place to hide or ignore them
And then on for the rest of the incarnation serving and learning, trusting nature
Not easy at all and yet and yet a journey all are here to undertake
Did we but know it
PS - If you wonder about the picture it is of Lake Manasarovar one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world (15,00ft) and Mount Kailash (22,007ft).

Mount Kailash is considered to be the most sacred mountain in the world.

Both are in Western Tibet and are places of pilgrimage for many people in Asia
I just like the picture

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Alexandra said...

first thing I did to see where this Mountain was, should have read the blog first :)

And very great blog again, I love it! Makes me feel good!

Thank you!!!!