Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lost in time

Humans have a relatively short memory as shown by our difficulty in remembering anything but a few high points from our own lives

Think about it how much can you really remember?

If challenged we can all recall high points and some memorable days or occasions

Not much else though

Of your more than ten thousand days so far in this life how many can you recall?

And as a collective species we have little idea about many of our ancestors or previous civilisations

Collectively we can go back ten or so thousand years after which we have little knowledge about what came before us

Nor what they knew

In point of fact we have no idea at all about their technology or lives apart from what has been left in scattered remains

Imagine our own world left untouched for a few tens of thousands of years

That's tens of thousands of years

What would be left?

Some radioactivity

A few stone monuments maybe some metal objects

Precious little else

And if we were the ones who then found those few objects what would we deduce about them?

Not much, maybe no more than what we deduce today about what little our archaeologists find of previous civilisations

And where are we going with this?

To state that the real remains of a culture or society are handed down orally

The intelligence and understanding often comes to us through music, myths and stories

And most today are lost in time

Atlantis, giants, floods, earthquakes, natural and man made disasters all were handed down in stories

Today these are so garbled and confused as to be almost useless as a guide to what came before

And what might or will come again

There is a way though to find this knowledge

Those who choose to follow what is known as the path most certainly access this information after they reach a certain level of consciousness

However they are few and do not share with those who have not themselves earned the right to such

So we will continue with our half truths until we wake up and reject false and lying teachings

Will we?

Yes one day many many years from now

We can bring this forward though but only if we are prepared to get involved in helping the evolution of consciousness

Each of us can assist in this

No matter where you are or what you do

Our collective energy matters
It matters when we choose to live in an ethical and moral manner
It matters when we choose to be the best we can in all we do
Life matters

Yours too

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