Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Or to give them their full title Unidentified Flying Object

All of us have heard or read of UFOs

Usually these are discounted as being weather balloons or some such object by officialdom

But then why would one expect government to be honest even if it did know more?

We would not

Recently the British Daily Telegraph published a photo taken by a man using his mobile

There were no UFOs visible to the naked eye and only when he looked at the photo did he see the UFO - See DT Most viewed tab - 23.03.09
Four of them, and the expert (who are these people?) said it was a weather balloon
Silly statement as there are four of them, did he seriously mean four weather balloons flying in formation?
Which brings to mind something that I heard from a good friend when I was living in Geneva

He told me that Gorbachev and Regan intended to announce to the world that they had clear and supportable evidence of many confirmed reliable UFO sightings, when they met in Geneva

My friend related this because he knew many of the people involved in creating the Regan Gorbachev meeting and was privy to a particular meeting where CIA, KGB and other National Security people vetoed this intent on the grounds that it would create fear and uncertainty

So it never happened

Today we still live in a world of great fear and uncertainty
Would honesty and intelligent study of these reports not be more helpful than continued official denial?
For the record there are indeed many unexplained legitimate sightings of UFOs all over the world
Many sighted by sane intelligent people
To continue treating the earth's citizens like morons is not helpful
But then looked at another way is it because those making the decisions are the real morons?

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