Sunday, April 12, 2009

Somewhere to go

Waking with no reason for waking is tough

Feeling no reason for being alive is tougher

There is no magic answer for that feeling

And at times most of us get overwhelmed by sadness or feeling down

Having somewhere to go helps

It does not have to be somewhere like the picture above

Although somewhere in nature is more helpful than staying in town

Waking with the idea that today I am going somewhere is a nicer way to experience the day

Even if it is to a business meeting, the meeting might not sound exciting

How we experience it though is entirely down to us

Meetings, office work or time alone it is up to us how we experience them

Let go depression and feelings of powerlessness

Determine that today is where you stop being a victim

Stop feeling powerless

Stop feeling frustrated

Today is a day where you choose to live for the day alone with no worrying about tomorrow

No worrying at all

Choosing to live in the moment enjoying everything that comes our way
How are you with your day?
Do you have somewhere to go?
When you are actively doing something or going somewhere it reduces the worrying in your head
Provided of course that you fully immerse yourself in the new experience
Staying in the present moment and pushing away any thoughts that try to take you down

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