Friday, May 22, 2009

Anger with

Those who we do not like or agree with is a favourite of many

If this is your thing then choose to either let it go or learn how to control your anger

Learn why you get angry

Retaining frustration and anger does nothing for you
Letting go is an option, a good one if you cannot change anything
However this is often not easy when someone presses your buttons

Getting fully involved is another, by understanding the other persons point of view not just your own

And then and only then making an effort to do something about whatever it is that angered you

Anger with anything or anyone is not good for us

Some believe that getting the anger out is healthy

If you are prone to anger then maybe this is necessary, however the next step is learning how to come over this anger

Finding a way past anger is a mega step


Because it means that you can be on your way to becoming the master of yourself

Being angry means you are not in control, you are not the master of anything
You are letting your anger rule you

Find out why you get angry

Why do people manage to push your buttons?

Anger over time destroys and unbalances our immune system leading in turn to ill health

Going beyond anger is only possible once we remove our emotional reactions to situations

Doing this requires that we learn not to take things personally even when they are personal

Having distance between ourselves and whatever life sends our way is important in removing our anger

Anger is unhelpful in resolving most situations

Removing it is a powerful step forward towards mastering ourselves

Becoming the master of ourselves is a goal worth pursuing because we can then accept whatever comes our way with equanimity and balance

This has to be better than being a prisoner to our emotions

And finding out why you are angry with things in your life leads you to finding about yourself on a deeper level

As we have said many times mastery of ourselves allows us to experience life on a different level

A level where equanimity and balance are natural

Where anger does not prevail, indeed is absent even from major provocation

Reaching this space helps us to find freedom from our emotions

Start by really looking at yourself and seeing if you can understand where your anger comes from

For sure it comes from fear, starts in fear

What fear?

Which fear?

Sort this and you are on your way
Some steps
Once you have calmed down learn more about every situation particularly the other point of view
Accept that it starts in fear, what frightens you, ask others for their understanding of whatever the situation is and compare this with your own, can you change your understanding?
Apologise even when you think you are right because it is not about being right it's about being angry and you being able to accept that this is not right in itself
Being able to say sorry is not just something we teach children it is for us too. Say sorry!

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