Friday, May 29, 2009

Blame game

It takes years to build a reputation

It can take one sentence or remark to destroy it

Often proof is not needed suspicion will do just fine

Possibly this is an exaggeration but maybe not far off

Modern spin practitioners delight in sowing doubt

In manipulating the truth

In distorting facts, smearing people

For most of us it is harder and harder to know who is telling the truth

Harder until we stop and think for ourselves

We can know over time the politics of most news organisations and other entities

We can also use common sense

So the blame game while often appearing to hide or distort events over time seems to push forward the truth

Time allows information to filter out

Sad thing is that often damage has been done that is hard to repair

Leading us to the point where we need to make the effort to arrive at our own understandings of situations

Watch this current period expose a lot lies

Economic downturns of this magnitude will expose a lot of dirt

Sadly it may only be at such times that the myriad interest groups can be exposed for what they truly are
Watch with interest as the blame game evolves
Notice how lies are more and more common
How people lie with impunity
How people have no shame
Which way will we turn?
Go along with the blame game and it's lies
Or say enough is enough
Mmmmm time will show

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