Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coming unglued

Just another depression say many pundits

Going to be a long and hard depression say others

The worst ever say still more

Just another hurricane say others, no more severe than any time in the last few years

Just your average rainfall, earthquake, mudslide, disaster

Then we hear that the winter was colder than usual with plenty of extreme weather events globally

And that many other parameters are also out of their usual alignment

Something is going on with the sun, no sunspot activity

Funny thing few pundits seem anxious to pull all these events together and look at the global picture

To be fair this could be that there are very few people who are able to do this

Most today being specialists in narrow fields

It does not take a Rocket scientist to observe that times for sure are a changing

Wake up please!

Is nature giving us a nudge or what?

You might argue that these seemingly continuous events are because news travels faster and we have more communications

Also we are all more aware, more connected

Yes all true

However what is going on is not quite business as usual

Too many violent events are occurring too frequently

And so?

Observe how our leaders are unwilling or unable to draw our attention to these changes

Or offer any solutions

Apart from cutting the global emissions of carbon, which while marginally helpful is not a major issue

The slowing of the earth's magnetic field is a possibly much more critical event and is happening

A reversal of the magnetic poles, which is the likely scenario has happened several times before in the Earth's history with consequences that we have no idea about

In addition the magnetic field emanating from the sun’s poles is much weaker than previously observed.

This could mean the upcoming solar maximum period will be less intense than in recent history

The current total lack of sunspots has no explanation

These events concerning the sun are probably of more significance than all the others put together

They could also be the cause of many of the unpredictable events occurring all over the planet

We just do not know

And so focusing on carbon emissions is popular politics at their worst

Knowing that the expensive actions being called for take money away from other projects where the payback is clearer and more certain is dangerous and unacceptable in these difficult times
Many certainties look highly suspect, dangerous even
The whole Global warming scare
The financial system...................just put it back as it was
Politics as usual, same lack of thought about many issues often blatantly driven by special narrow interest groups

When certainties come unglued watch out

Journalists start writing weird pieces because they sense change but cannot see what it is

Politicians try to put blame onto anything or anyone other than their own decisions or lack of

Swings of the public mood are more frequent

These are all signs of certainties becoming unglued

But more important than all is that climate governs all we experience

Be it the weather, disease, business or anything else climate rules

The climate has always, but always changed

Nature is change

Cycles of this and that are what nature is about

Throughout history

We just got lucky with a short period of stable weather

Now nature is showing us what normal is


Because long periods of stability allow poor leaders to rise to the top

People who compromise their morals and ethics

To get to the top at all costs

Often with no idea other than to grab power

No clue what to do with it

No vision

No thought of making contributions

These are the ones who rule many countries today

In time of difficulty they have nothing to offer having only the skills of deceit and corruption

Now we have to go through plenty of difficult times before we can get rid of them

Historically difficult times need real leaders

Historically we have to suffer before we recognise how bad things are

Only then do we throw the rubbish out

Has it ever been thus

Be prepared for difficult times

What do these times mean to you?

Many of our leaders are coming unglued

And who will pay?

No guesses, those who cannot defend themselves against arbitrary laws and taxes

Most ordinary people in fact

So shape your life to accommodate this and the rest will not bother you so much

Difficult times require more understanding than when they are easy

Take responsibility now for your own life

Rely on your own judgement

Life will not be the same when the climate is not the same

Do not come unglued in the coming difficult times

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