Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to move beyond?

Leave religion alone

It is dangerous for your health

The teachings of all major religions have been corrupted over many many years

Few if any teach what the founders taught

Even fewer practice it

Religion has caused more deaths on this planet than any other cause

So many conflicts are fought in the name of x y z religion

Can anyone seriously believe that their God condones any killing at all?

Religion is divisive while claiming to be inclusive

Feel this is too hard?

Then look today at what is being done in the name of religion around the world

Is it not time to take your own position in regard to this subject?

Religion is not good for your health

Time to move on

If you need guidance in your life then seek it elsewhere

Inside yourself

All the major religions taught the same message and their founders stated clearly

No idols

No effigies

No churches

No priests

If you feel to pray do it in private they taught

In your own home

And what do we have today?

The exact opposite

Time to let modern much corrupted religion go

Religion still does incalculable harm to mankind
Time to move beyond
Beyond to what the founders taught
To the truth of things
Simply put to treat each other as we would ourselves
Enough of dogma and ritual
Time to move beyond

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Philip Werner said...

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