Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where else should she be

Meaning she will normally be where she should be at any given point in the day or week

Whoever she or he is

Our life patterns dictate our physical location

Tennis players on the courts

Business men in their offices

Mothers taking children to school

You get the picture

Then take it on to lunch time and we all have our patterns there too

Afternoon the same

Evening going home from wherever we worked again our patterns etched in routine and familiarity

Even where we tend to shop, drink or eat have clear patterns

One thought occurs

Is this really your life?

Or are you living your life with fantasies of something else coming along to change it?

For many the only way to handle dreary or boring patterns is the dream of change

Moving somewhere else

Changing the job, winning the lottery

Living a totally different life

Empowered, free

So why do so many never do so?

Fear of change and yet in those fantasies and dreams we welcome change

Habits hold us fast yet in our dreams we let our habits go

Family might also be a deterrent yet in those fantasies we move beyond family

Any number of reasons prevent us from realising our dreams and fantasies

And so it drags on to our retirement days

Thought we had something more to say

What a shame was that all your life was?

A dream of other things to be done and lived

It is never too late to move into a life of change

Not for the sake of change

For the feeling of living life in a more powerful way

Daring to go where you have never been

Will you embrace change or will fear hold you fast?

Where else should she be indeed!


Anonymous said...

Embrace, never fail or feel you are failing, there is always a crack, where the light can get in.

Even in a packed city, where u r living, one tiny plant might draw your attention, please notice and decide to carry on and survive the system we are opposing nowadays.

I lost quite some money, becoz I was greedy, Antony warned me, way before, still I did not hear his and Ljuba's voice. But let us be fair one time, everybody who has the luxury to invest in the on-going system, may one time draw the consequences. ( not considered )lol

In other words help the poor, who are really poor, if you are in Brittain, Bangladesh, Belize, Bahrain, Brazil or .. what difference does it make ?
If you are catholic, protestant, muslim, gay, lesbian, bhuddist, spiritual ? We are all human beings, Please fill in as you like ... but there is not really much time left. Not anymore, please realize, to check things out. The planet needs relief, no more king auto, no more nuclear failors, no more criminal popes, no more would be's, ...

Can we vote, for people who - are not even close to the feelings we share worldwide ? Which government would accept that ? Ego-economical-greed ?

Greed is a murderer. Not only in " third-world " countries, but also in Europe. We ( read governments ) are corrupt. We can not say that corruption is a develloping story. Never ! Or can we allow small people to get even smaller ? Or are the small people envolved this time ? IMF, Worldbank ? Who supports this ?

Sorry for any mistakes, I am not a native speaker. I have a thrive for sustainable and everlasting worldwide peace and harmony.

have a nice day

Antony said...

Hi Dirk yes we can understand what you are saying