Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wolf wolf

Many countries have stories about the little boy who shouted wolf wolf

Essentially the story is about the dangers of raising false alarms

And how after a while people stopped taking him seriously

Today many organisations are crying wolf wolf with increasing frequency

Some are doing so because it is their job to sound the alarm when things reach a certain point

Others to promote or hide selfish interests
Some are doing so to protect themselves from law suites or criticism

Others are doing so because they are panicking

Many others are crying wolf because they have not fully understood what is happening

Then along come the media who often uncritically print what they have been given

Some through laziness do not even check the validity of these stories

Others accept without checking or thinking about what they are setting in motion

For sure the media love sensational stories because this helps them sell their products

And now the public are steadily losing all faith in the media and those shouting wolf

Not only do so many people assume that they are being misled they have come to expect it

Spin in everything;

More than this even, the media themselves have lost all confidence in their own ability to give us the facts

A media who no longer know the truth themselves, if indeed they ever did

Increasing concentration of the media feeder services means that most of the media are taking their information from the same sources

And when they disseminate this information global communications mean that everyone is reading the same lies at the same time

Over time the endless cries of wolf wolf wear us down

Not nice at all being bombarded night and day with ever more bad news

Even less pleasant being told the end of the world is nigh



Mad cow disease


Swine flu

Financial catastrophe

Global warming

Climatic disasters

Yet to come are

New wars

Invasion by UFO's

New little ice age

And where does this lead?

To a point where the public turn off and increasingly ignore the stories of doom and despair being thrust upon them

Wolf wolf

And then along came the real thing


Anonymous said...

WOW, this man has wisdom, not only becoz he writes unsaid stories so beautifully, but it always means - strictly my opinion- an enhancement to not always go with the flow.

love to u all reading

Antony said...

Sharing is what I am learning to do
and the hard part for me is expressing myself in writing as I cannot see you all out there,so must try and pitch what I am saying in the most lucid way possible