Friday, June 12, 2009

At the end of the road

Some call it the dark night of the soul

That point where life is not worth living

Where you do not want to go on

You have reached the end

And yes in a way you have reached the end

The end of your current way of life

The end of a certain lifestyle or way of behaving

This terrible crisis is one most of us will experience at some point in our lives and yes it is terrible

Because we are brought face to face with all our fears
And yes it is a dark time
One where we even look at suicide
Suicide is a no no because you hang in a terrible space after death until the time your life should have ended naturally
Then you have to lead the life over again with the same problems presenting themselves
And again should you fail to face yourself
Nature is in no hurry

What to say?

You can come through the dark night of the soul and in a sense be reborn but only if you let go of what brought you there in the first place

Crying, screaming, shouting might relieve some tension but only introspection allows you to move on

Into the light of understanding

Nothing can stop you going on downhill if you so choose

Nothing, no drugs, not booze, no counselling, nothing can do it for you


But should you choose to fight then a new life can be yours

The fight will be to let go of fears

To understand the games you have been playing with yourself and others

To adjust your perceptions

To let go of your negative traits

Nothing is more important in your personal evolution

In all the old books the subject one way or another is about this fight

For that is what it is

The fight to free ourselves from our fears

To make contact with our higher sell

The real you if you will, being really honest with ourselves

This prize for that is what it is can only be gained through many lives of fight

Slowly moving towards the light

And again this is what it is both figuratively and literally

Nothing to say if you cannot accept what I am writing

I can only share what I know to be true for me

What we have personally experienced and those who have helped us have shared

Consciousness evolution, for that is what it is, can only be achieved through your own choices

The journey of consciousness evolution is one we must all choose to undertake before any proof is offered

Proof that it is true

Proof that letting go is the way

Many ask for proof before they are willing to believe or try to believe

Be warned the universe does not operate this way

You must take the risk

You alone can do this

No one can do it for you


Because it truly means that we are all equal

All of us have to make this choice before we have any proof of anything

We have to reach inside ourselves and feel that this is what we want to do

That this is what we truly feel

That this is the truth for you

Opening our hearts to love

Trusting that the universe is love

That we accept to let go

And then and only then will nature show you her interest

Becoming honest with ourselves is not easy

No one said it was so be aware this test will come to you at some point in your life

The way through is by breaking down, letting go

Deeply without conditions nature is not into conditions

At the end of the road indeed

Lying will always catch you out

Greed ends in emptiness

Only serving others

Becoming altruistic leads us through the dark night of the soul

At the end of your road you choose

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