Thursday, June 11, 2009

Comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone I said

No way he replied "I like things the way they are"


You might be able to bumble along for a while doing just what you want

But nature has her own plans for each of us

And in the case of the person above he did indeed stay in his comfort zone

And now he is crying about how unfair life is

Who ever said that life was fair?

Or even meant to be fair?

And he has now started asking why me?

Why him?

Well the simple answer is he created his situation

When life gets difficult and things keep going wrong take it as a warning to look at what you are doing

For sure there will be areas where you are avoiding doing what is needed
and this is why things start going wrong or getting difficult

Time to wake up

It is amazing how many people blame everything under the sun other than themselves when things go wrong in their lives

They keep having "bad luck" and at no point do they ever consider that they might be the cause of this bad luck

Every time it is anything but themselves

The man in question is still loudly complaining about his bad luck and how unfair life is

Guess what life will continue to be unfair until he takes responsibility for his life and actions

Will he?

Who knows one thing is for sure though

No one can tell him anything until he asks for help

People like him do not listen

So his life will continue to be difficult

Shame really such a waste of a life

And on top of it all he will have to come back in another life and do it all over again until he learns his lessons

Nature is in no hurry

So understand clearly we create our own lives

We create what will be

We are today the products of what we created in the past

And what we do today creates what we will experience in the future


So step outside of your comfort zone and engage life

There are always clues all around us

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