Monday, June 15, 2009

The boundless all

The boundless All is totally instinct with consciousness and life, an infinitely immense and swarming multitude, endless and beginningless, of beings who form not merely the heart of the pulsating life of all that is, but provide the very consciousnesses which govern and control the innumerable universes of and in the boundless All. ...

No theosophist ... has ever denied Deity, i.e., limitless life in the boundless All; but this Deity is nothing like, nor in any sense can it be compared with, a finite creator ...

There is a host, a multitude, a hierarchy, of intelligent and of thinking and of highly spiritualized beings, from which the planetary chain sprang forth, but it is not our god, nor do we worship any such.

Those beings are our progenitors, our elder brothers in a very exalted sense, for they were men in former manvantaras long since past; but our "god," never, not even when considered as a unity and called the Logos.

Our "deity," if it is anything, is that indescribable, boundless life, in its highest aspects, back of everything, forming a background of all manifested being on whatever plane, ... indescribable, unthinkable, and therefore ineffable.'

FEP 505-7 - G. de Purucker

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