Monday, November 23, 2009

Lies we live with

That 9/11 was as described by the government and media
That humanity evolved from a chance reaction of chemicals

That modern humanity originated in East Africa

That humanity all descended from one source

That modern man is only a few tens of thousands of years old

That human evolution has been one long trend upwards

That we are descended from monkeys and chimpanzees

That carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming, sorry now changed to climate change

That Columbus discovered America

That Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil
The pyramids are only 11,000 or so thousand years old

Stonehenge is likewise around the same age

Acupuncture does not work

Homeopathy does not work

That the causes of cancer can be found in the physical body

Ditto many other diseases

That mobile phones cause no long term problems

We have no soul

We only have one life

Your sins can be forgiven by priests

That the end of this life is a big black hole of nothing

That 7/7 in London was as the official reports describe

That vaccines have no side effects other than those admitted

And if we accept these things without question then we have missed an important reason why we are here in this life

We are here to use our brains

We are here to learn discernment

We are here to question

We are here to challenge

The points above are common knowledge and yet they are just plain wrong

They are not accurate

You are told that they are

Does it matter if they are or not?

Yes because they influence our lives
Saying that the Earth is flat made a difference

Saying Columbus found America when he sailed with a Portuguese map of America in his ship is denying reality and makes a psychological difference

And with so many other things the truth is around us, however we accept what we are told and usually without murmur

Do we care?

The decisions we take in the coming period of time about the environment. global climate change, the economy, emigration, and the rest can determine what happens to us and our planet

If the information we base our decisions on is wrong then our decisions can also be wrong

And if that is not enough we are cursed with malfunctioning systems of government in most countries

Governments not renowned for far sighted unbiased decision making

Governments easily influenced by special interest groups also not renowned for their far sighted publicly spirited decision making

So being clear in our own minds about what is true and what is not is important

Numerically there are enough of us globally to influence and help shape our thinking on issues of concern to us

The question is will we all get involved and make our contributions?

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