Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thinking about the past

And what might have been

What could have been

It wasn't though was it?

Fact is you didn't

So here you are now sad for opportunities lost

What a waste of space!

Looking back is only useful when it helps you grow

Helps you learn

Adjusts your memories in a more honest way

Making the memory more accurate

Allowing you to let it go

To move on

Memories held have a strength in them until you let them go

Good memories yes they linger with a nice taste

Bad memories are draining over time because every time you look back with anger or frustration you feed them

This is why many people cannot move on they are held hostage by their bitterness and memories

Not realising that by looking back in this way they are creating a self feeding loop of negative energy

In it's extreme form this can cripple

If you hold bitter memories let them go

If you really want to let them go try saying it was my fault
I was wrong
Even if you were not
You are choosing voluntarily to stop feeding the negative energy of the memory
How does that feel?
And if you cannot go that far
Say out loud I am letting this go and I choose to move on with my life
Live now in this moment bitter memories just poison and can serve no useful purpose
If you live for revenge this too will cripple you, poison you
As a friend's poster says "The best revenge is living well"
Heed it
The advice is sound

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Anonymous said...

Every time I read your post I find something that is straight to the point as if it is intended for me and for my own circumstances.
Thank you!