Saturday, November 21, 2009

Helping the planet

Wanting to save it maybe?

How many times do we hear that


And then the question to us what should they do

We say heal yourself

They ask what do you mean

We point out that saving the planet starts with yourself

Once you have sorted yourself then maybe just maybe you will be able to go and save the planet

Healing yourself is not easy and is not accomplished in five minutes

In fact five life times or so might get you there and only then after mega effort on your part

Why so?

Because so few of us know ourselves

False perceptions and refusal to be honest with ourselves being just two issues

Learning to control our minds being another major major one

How many of you can still your mind for thirty seconds at will, whenever you want to?

If you cannot then how are you going to pretend that you are in any way shape of form the master of yourself?

And if you are not the master of yourself then how can you know who or what you truly are?

Just not possible so as you see there are several things that get in the way of saving the planet

Simply stated if you cannot master yourself how do you know what to save let alone how to do it?


Not really saving the planet is a tall order witness some of the half baked ideas being presented as serious issues at Copenhagen

Just how can these issues seriously be presented as those that will save the planet?

So we come back to reality

Sure all of us want to make a contribution, but getting real we need to start with ourselves

Doing that will keep us busy enough and along the way we can make our contributions as and when the opportunities present themselves

It does not matter the scale or situation what maters is that we do our best

Doing it because it is the right thing to do not for any reward or prestige

Helping the planet in reality is all of us doing what we can to support those in need

Doing what we can to help others

Along the way we learn a lot about ourselves and that indeed takes us towards mastery of ourselves

That's real and also helping the planet
Because we are the planet
So helping ourselves and others is helping the planet


Anonymous said...

dear antony, i just wondered how many lifetimes that we have had, it was my understanding that it was many more than 5?

Antony said...

Indeed many many more than five....just imagine that we have all been incarnating here since the beginning of human life on this planet. We have all been here many many times, thousands of times over an extremely long period of time.

Anonymous said...

i have many questions on this subject.Do we generally incarnate in the same groups as previous lifetimes,will we meet our loved ones again? how long does it take to reincarnate? Do we go to other planets instead of earth? Sorry i have read much on the subject and there are many conflicting ideas. thanks

Antony said...

Many questions why not!
Here is my answer in the order you raised them
* No not necessarily although where we have unfinished lessons we may well come into the same or a similar group. Over many lives the idea is that we experience as much as possible and our karma will usually dictate where we incarnate
* Yes
* Typically 1000 to 1500 years meaning twice in one sub race period.
There are lots of exceptions though with some coming back quicker
* Sometimes, yes we go elsewhere
Most of us will experience incarnations in all seven races, currently we are nearing the end of the fifth

For longer answers don't give up go to David Pratt's website, type David Pratt Theosophy into Google search go to his site and choose the subjects that interest you
He is accurate and what he writes is from the perennial or ancient wisdom, except on modern subjects where his sources are varied