Friday, June 05, 2009

Yes or no

This picture is of a monster 600ft crop circle that appeared in a farmers field in Oxford shire England last week

Then last night many people around Cambridge shire, which is not far away, saw bright orange lights

One Mr Hedgecoe said: It was like an armada.

There was no sound.

They were travelling 15 at a time and every six minutes more seemed to be coming over the horizon.

They were not planes.

These were not balloons.

Each one was the size of a building.

If they had been balloons, then they would have had to have been huge and they looked weighty.

He said the lights were no higher than 3,000ft.

So is there a connection?

What is your guess?

For sure there are many different forms of intelligence in our universe

Question is when not if will they appear in our neighbourhood

Or is it - answer yes here we are


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