Thursday, July 16, 2009


Comes from stimulus

Not talking here about vegetables

Talking about us not becoming vegetables

So many become vegetables in all but name

Nothing fresh in their lives

Locked into patterns of routine

Never taking a risk

Never a thought disturbing the routine of their lives

Nothing fresh just endless routine

Happily persuaded that this is the best way

Well for some it might be however for most of us this is not so because we need stimulus

Like exercising to make the food taste better

Like many things in life when we earn them they have an additional buzz about them

Freshness is something that keeps us going

The freshness of the morning air lifting us with enthusiasm

Freshness of doing something new and different

Fresh clothes feel better

Fresh bedsheets feel different to used ones

And so the list goes on

So why would your life experience be any different?

Failure to bring freshness into your life brings monotony boredom

Do you act and live as if this is true?

Or have you forgotten the importance of fresh in your life?

Make the decision to bring fresh into your life

You might even decide to do this until it requires some effort

Then you slide back into routines

Until nature stops you that is
Keep your life fresh!

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