Friday, July 17, 2009

Total solar eclipse of 2009

July 22nd and if you should be anywhere along this path on that date then enjoy a special experience
Experiencing a total solar eclipse is special
Make it a time of quiet contemplation

Thoughts of where we come from

What we are part of

The wonder that thousands of years ago our ancestors had plotted all these eclipses

Knew a lot more than we do today

Sure with our computing power we can name and photograph distant stars

As for knowing what will happen in the future we know little

Asurumya certainly had this knowledge before the time of Atlantis and his teachings came down well into Greek times since which time they have for the most part been lost

One day we will know this again

Until then we can only guess at what is coming our way

Forget the pretences, few know and they are not in the West

Never mind not knowing is probably better for us
Just wonder at one of natures phenomena


Alexandra said...

Who is Asurumya? :)

Antony said...

Asurumya was one of the earliest if not the earliest known astrologer. He taught or his knowledge informed all the subsequent famous astrologers