Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tough times

Everybody goes through tough times.

"You’ve just got to figure out how to get through them

It’s my history and my memory.

I used to really take things personally but if you can be truthful and honest with who you are, then you have a much easier time walking through life.

That took me some time to figure out"

The above is a quote from someone in the public eye who has recently begun to sort herself out

We all feel that we are different however we all go through many of the same experiences whatever our place or position in society

We will all lose ones we love

We will all fail at various things

We will all be betrayed or let down

We will all be sick from time to time

We will all know pain, many times

And so when we begin to build this list we can see that our lives are in many ways very very similar

The differences of culture and race when looked at from the standpoint of what we experience are not really so different

In fact there are many more similarities than there are differences

And wherever you are tough times are best dealt with when you are honest with your self

Get rid of your games

Drop the pretences

See clearly what your faults are

You do have some don't you?

Name three

Take the last one and get rid of it change it drop it

Accept that tough times are a natural part of experiencing life

Learn to smile through these times

And to do this honesty makes it that much easier

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So good to read your blogs!!!