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2009 - Crop circle season

The 2009 crop circle season was prolific with numerous crop circles appearing in many diverse places

As is often the case many appeared in Wiltshire England, which is also a county of historical interest with places such as Stonehenge, Averbury and others being of note

Over seventy crop circles appeared in Wlitshire this year and the following extract from an article by Amely Greeven is provocative


"There is credible, detailed research available that shows what's been observed and measured before, during, and after the formations appear, and it's all fascinating.

For example, it's unanimously accepted by those who bother to look closely that while man made copycat formations do exist, they are easy to spot; the majority of formations are not man made.

See crop circle researcher and author Janet Ossebaard's very practical breakdown of the biophysical abnormalities in the crop and soil here.

Meanwhile, the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group send anonymous samples to the UK's major agricultural labs and consistently receive results of distinct changes in both plant structure and soil composition after crop circles.

There's also plenty of material on the electromagnetic energy that may be flattening the crop into these elaborate patterns.

Move to the unavoidable subject of extra-terrestrials and UFOs and the conversation gets really long.

I'll just say that perhaps different brains make different models in order to comprehend phenomena that's unknown to them, and all are as real as each other.

You say extra celestial, I say prana; we both see dancing balls of light.

Other debates focus on the "whats." What is the hidden message in the glyphs -- and will we decipher it in time?

It can be quite crack-the-code exciting.

But try too hard to decode, translate, and semiotically read the symbols and you risk losing the essence of what they're about.

A child, frankly, can understand the symbolism of the crop circles, because they trigger an instant experience.

For example, looking at a perfect geometrical image, which is what many of the formations are, will deliver an instant understanding of something profound.

At some universal level of reality, even if it's far below your chaotic reality, you know that everything is balanced and in the right order.

You don't have to understand "how" geometry works.

You don't have to know the significance of twelve arms of the mandala versus ten.

Like hearing notes in a tuneful chord, you immediately experience the harmony as a felt experience inside yourself when you see it depicted visually.


Likewise with the images of nature, the cosmos, and symbols from ancient civilizations that have been coming up in this year's pantheon of crop glyphs.

Taken together, they create a larger theme that Janet Ossebaard terms, "2009: Year of the Apocalypse," where apocalypse means the great revealing, or an end to secrets and an end to living in a state of disconnect.

That's good to know.

But as potent as these signs may be, it's the individual's experience of the crop formations that has the power to bridge that disconnect, not the rational understanding of them.

Of far more interest to me are the "whys."

Why are these forms appearing?

Why here in this area?

And most significantly, why are people coming to them?

There are no right answers here, only insights.

What I've witnessed is that most people who've been touched by these happenings, whether they've been sitting, sharing, or touring around the barley swirls or attending the impressive "Crop Circle Conference" hosted by the Wiltshire study group two weekends ago, don't want to nail a definitive answer about their raison d'ĂȘtre.

They're simply drawn to experiencing the ineffable for themselves"

Amely Greeven

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