Sunday, August 30, 2009


You only make changes when you are ready to make changes

When you are not ready to make changes you do not listen

Or maybe you listen but you do not hear

You do not bring things into focus

You do not wish to stop what you are doing

You are of course too busy

And best of all you do not need to change

You are in denial

When you are ready to change suddenly you will hear

When you are open to realise there is a problem

You admit to that problem or at least you want to try to understand what it is

Often arguing that it is not as others see

When you do see and accept then there is a chance to fix it

Fixing problems is not always easy as it involves changing

Changing our behaviour

Accepting responsibility for our actions

Seeing them as others see them

Admitting that we are not perfect

Yes for some even believe that they are close to perfect

Funny one that

True too as many have very peculiar perceptions about themselves

Perceptions that drive them to insist that they are right

Change is so hard for so many

Shame because change often allows us to move on to better times while stubborn resistance causes us to keep on experiencing the same problems

Nature will just keep giving us the same or similar problems

We all know people who keep on having "bad luck"

Is it really luck?

It might seem that way as they tell it however usually it is nature stopping us giving us the chance to change

Change is a way to move on, maybe the only way

Can you change?

Nature does not allow us to continue indefinitely with our illusions

Nature will bring change to our lives where we are obliged to take stock of what we are doing

So often once through the crisis people go back to what they were doing before

Guess what nature will return and oblige them to reconsider their behaviour
Changes and change are a fact of life and those who resist will keep having same problems
Consider change a friend one that allows us to move on

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