Friday, August 07, 2009

Be rather nice

To know we have more than one life

She said to me

I realised that she had never really thought about death in any clear way

Never actually thought about it at all

Death is not a polite subject

Nor is what you think about it to be discussed in any serious way

It is though one thing we will all experience

It is something that will happen to people we know

it will usually happen to our parents before us

Our relatives will die too

Some friends as well

And if you live to a ripe old age as they say then most of those you know will go before you

Go before you, die that is

Why do we have such an aversion to using the word death or discussing what it is?

Sad picture because once we know the truth about what it is and what it is not then we can relax

Death is merely a transition from one state to another

Death can be understood as a truth and not as a fairy tale of grotesque proportions

The modern Christian understanding of death is pretty grotesque if you think about it

A distortion of the original Christ and Christian teachings

So most people do not think about death not least of all because popular ideas about it are pretty childish

Why would any loving God give you one life in which to be judged for all eternity when some are born into wealth and privilege and others into nightmare lives?

If there is a God it is highly doubtful that he or she is going to want billions of people sitting around for ever and ever doing nothing

Nor is he likely to arrange things in the way it is said to be

Well if you never think about it which is what most people tend to do then pressure builds up

Pressure builds up because you are getting older and people around you are too

Parents are getting older, dying even

Still people do not want to think

Are they stupid?

Methinks not

Just how can you think about something where there is so much confusion of different ideas?


Not so there are only a few options

You die and that is it, finish all over atoms to atoms, dust to dust, finita la musica

You die and go to heaven or hell for ever and ever

You die and come back as a human to continue your learning and growing

The first option is common with people today and is the easy way out because it requires no thinking but does not stand up to much scrutiny either.

The idea that life on this planet started from a random interaction of chemicals is as silly as mathematically it is not realistic nor feasible

This option has nothing to say about the evolution of consciousness which Darwin and others have never been able to explain nor can it produce any science to support the idea of one life without meaning or purpose

The second idea that you die and go to heaven or hell for ever and ever sounds very unjust after one life, but even were it so how long is ever and ever, a billion, a trillion years?

And this for ever and ever with people you liked or didn't like and when people talk about their loved ones what do they mean?

When they were young or when they were old how can that work and what if the loved one does not want to be with you for that indefinite period of time?

I don't think so besides it is contrary to nature's methods in any other field

So yes the truth about death is in the third option

It makes sense where the others do not

Only through many lives can we learn all that there is to learn

Only through a life of many years can we learn much about this life

So many many lives are needed to learn all that we can learn

Karma and reincarnation explain what the others cannot

Do not really even attempt

So why do we have this confusion?

Are we unprepared to think for ourselves?

So my reply was to explain how things really work, which once you buy into it removes many doubts

We no longer have to worry about things in the same way

The third option is reincarnation which is able with karma to explain everything on the planet in a way that the other two cannot

Reincarnation is also able to explain why we are here in a way the other two cannot as reincarnation provides for exact justice to each individual in every civilisation alike

We are all individually responsible for the karma we create

So yes once she got it she found it rather nice

Me too, made me smile thinking of my own doubts when I started trying to understand

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