Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blame and nasty people

So easy to do

Blame the other person

Many people in business like to blame others
People in other organisations like to blame others

Often rationalising that this is OK because if they didn't then they would have to accept the blame

This just won't do

So blame the other person

Set them up

Little word here

Little word there

Nothing too direct

Even pretend to support them while sticking the knife in

How often have you seen this done?

Or did you?

Hope not because these things come back on us

In an office environment it often seems like the bad guys move inexorably upwards

Teflon coated nothing sticking

Up and up they move

So often we feel irritation or more at the apparent injustice of life

The unfairness of it all

Stop right there

Judgement is not ours

Not at all

It is quite simply not our business

We might feel strongly that it is

Our position and career might be at risk

Yes they might

And yet when we get further down the road, we might understand that we should have left the company of our own accord

That indeed being asked to leave did us a favour

That our life moved in ways that it could not have done otherwise

Hard to accept at the time yet now we can see what a big favour it did us

A thought or two

Never regret, we are none of us smart enough to know all the reasons why something happens

Be honest hold onto your integrity

Many companies or businesses reflect the boss and his or her morality

If your top management are unpleasant dishonest people then guess what type of people they like to hire?

Guess what behaviour they support

Who they promote

Who they listen to

If you do not fit in this pattern, then lucky you to get out or be forced out before you have to compromise your own values

Regret nothing, move on

Life brings knocks, so take them

Life also rewards those who behave well

Yes, it might not seem so but over a lifetime nature rewards us

Not maybe in monetary terms

Nature didn't put us here to collect money

That's a man game

Nature wants you to have many experiences

And for sure many will not be easy

However over a life of effort and trying to do our best we learn so much more than those who brown nose and lie

We grow and learn to be more considerate and helpful, to compromise

And in these troubled, difficult times these qualities might not be so fashionable

They are though well suited to our planetary and personal needs

And importantly this allows us to feel OK with ourselves
So let the liars and brown nosers do their thing
Move on


Alexandra said...

What is a brown noser? :)

and very cool blogs always. makes me feel good!

Antony said...

Somebody who sticks his/her head up another's backside

Or if that is a trifle rude someone who fawns over another and agrees with whatever they say or do