Saturday, January 09, 2010

So common

One does not even notice it

It is quiet silent

No noise

No smell

Just permeates the system

Then one day

One fine day you notice

You discover that all has changed

And what are we talking about?

What happens when you hold on to a point of view which is not objective

Not in reality

Not true

It seemed like it to us

We were so sure that we were right

Absolutely positive

Then came that day when whoops!

We understand that it was not like that at all

Depending on our level of consciousness

We either find excuses for why we had insisted that we were right

Or we say sorry

Or we quietly say nothing and adjust our memories or point of view accordingly

That is not that although we might want it to be

Some might even deny that it makes any difference that they were wrong all along

But it does because if you are smart you will stop being so sure

So sure that you are right

Just stop and think well if I got that wrong and I was so sure that I was right

What else should I look at?

What else am I fixating on?

Be smart if this happens to you and you are able to hold your hand up and say I was wrong

Then don't beat yourself up

Just accept that consciousness evolution is like an onion

There are layers and layers

A process

Accept that through good fortune or more likely because you are ready

That you have been given an insight into yourself

And that you will use this to grow

To move on

Peel another layer if you will

Spend time each day to wonder about your strongly held beliefs

Are they true?

Are they yours or have you just picked them up because everybody else thinks that way

Because everybody else says so

Find your own truth

No one else can find your truth for you

This is your work

Your life

Bon voyage!

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