Sunday, January 10, 2010



How to rid the world of ignorance?

Learn from those who know more than we do.

Then share with those who know less.

Now it is just a question of velocity.

This can be exponential if what you share is the truth 

The above is a quote

Simple little words with so much power in them

Can we learn?

Why not start a trend yourself?

Just follow the guidelines above

Practice this in your own life

Make it your business to find some who know more than you

Learn from them

Then share this with others

Caution though!

Make sure those you listen to really know something worthwhile

Then share with those who know less than you

If we all did this then we can change our world very quickly

Because the  velocity of change becomes exponential

Exponential change can be so powerful

When it contains the truth that is

That's how we will rid the world of ignorance

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