Saturday, October 10, 2009

No end

Just endless beginnings

Or so said someone a long time ago

So how do you see your life?

Endless days merging one into another?

Or do you see it as an experience in different clear phases

Like now we are in Summer

Next we are in Autumn

Then I have my holidays

I am going away this weekend

I am going to call my mother

We all have routines even when we do not see them this way

Routines without end

And this is how we behave until in one split second our lives are altered

A piece of glass goes into our eye and suddenly our world is changed

Nothing else matters, we are overtaken by pain

Our world has gone in one second from routines and familiarity to a state of unknown

We kick into emergency mode, however that is for us, and accept that our future is other people's hands

We have no control over what happens

If we are lucky we regain our sight and life can revert to routines

If not then we have to adjust to our new world

Finding ways to cope

Over time developing other routines

So sure in our normal routine times and yet so insecure in truth

Today though we can say without much fear of contradiction that our lives will know uncertainties

These times will see to that

Most certainly logically everything has a beginning, middle, and end
Doesn't it?
In our "routine" days though we behave as if things will last forever
Let's get married and live for ever and ever we say when we are young
I will love you fore ever and ever is another
Maybe this is because we know life has an end
Maybe we don't' want to be reminded of the end of things
Fair enough
If you buy into the idea that these times are more stressful than before then anything you can do to remove stress is positive and helpful
Seeing human experience differently from our popular avoidance of the end subject can help
Ever thought of life as links in a chain?
Our chain of lives one after another
Actually that's how it is
Just because part of the chain is behind the screen of what we call death does not mean that our experience ends
We have said many times karma and reincarnation are a reality
So how it really works is not bad at all
Not theoretically complex nor is it in reality and it goes like this
How we are now creates what we will become in the future as what we did in the past determines what happens to us now or put another way what we are now
We go from today until death experiencing what we have created and creating what we will experience in the future
Created with our thoughts and actions that is
Meaning that there is a very powerful reason to be the best we can
Because this is what shapes our future
And these thoughts and actions create our karma in the future and our coming life
So really there is no end, just endless beginnings as the man said
We are just links in a chain, our own chain, the one we create ourselves

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