Friday, October 09, 2009

Taller = happier

Taller men and women were more likely to report enjoyment and happiness, and less likely to report pain and sadness.

Taller that is not the very tallest

Taller men, although not taller women, also worry less.

But sadness and anger were more likely to be experienced.

The authors say their findings cannot be attributed to different demographics or ethnicity, but are almost entirely explained by the positive association between height and both income and education, both of which are positively linked to better lives.

Chartered psychologist Dr Colin Gill said: "There's no direct correlation between income and happiness - surveys going back years show that.

But there does appear to be a correlation between height and happiness and height and income.

If you look at this study, the people who are happiest are not the very tallest.

There is a threshold of height tolerance - at about 6ft 5in (195.6cm) to 6ft 6in (198.1cm).

It is about as tall as people think is normal, beyond that you are odd and life becomes very difficult.

Height does matter, it's always mattered for a very obvious reason - when you are born you are shorter than the people who look after you and have authority over you.

And that power relationship never reverses


When you read about some of these surveys you begin to wonder who has the time and money to research such subjects?

Taller men worry less but experience pain and anger?

Please explain that sentence, what do pain and anger come from if not worry and fear?

Nice idea however sometimes we need to reserve our wholehearted belief in such studies

In fact come to think of it we ought to be very careful about most things we read or look at nowadays!


Alexandra said...

my first reaction to this was Hä? Why, I do know some people who are not tall and pretty much the coolest persons I know. Then I know some tall people who are not cool at all....

Thank got I could scroll down and see what you had to say ! :)


Gustav said...

I know you are sceptical but I believe there are a lot of short people that agrees with this studies findings. More often bachelors, less often in executive offices and so on and so forth.