Friday, October 02, 2009

We all lose

Many years ago Helena Blavatsky wrote that there would come a time when evil people would no longer bother to hide

Evil would no longer be hidden

And here we with yet another example of evil

When the UN condones massive fraud in the recent Afghan election that it had sponsored

An election it monitored and then refused to admit what it own officials had seen and documented in terms of ballot rigging and falsification of results

For so called "political reasons" the UN chooses to support a corrupt regime where the President's own brother is known to be a major drug dealer

The UN also chose to dismiss Mr Galbraith for refusing to go along with this dishonesty and as he says

"I think it's astonishing that the United Nations would dismiss an official because he was concerned about fraud in a UN-funded and UN-supported election," Mr Galbraith told The Times yesterday from his farmhouse in Vermont.

"I was not prepared to be complicit in a cover-up or in an effort to downplay the fraud that took place. I felt we had to face squarely the fraud that took place. Kai downplayed the fraud."

If this is openly so in the World's major political body then we are well and truly into the era Blavatsky described

What to do?

Be just as open about our refusal to accept lies and deceit be they individual or collective

And the people of Afghanistan?

More killing and more abuse of their rights by a corrupt and inefficient government

And of the armies of foreign intervention?

More killing, more failures in a war that cannot be won

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