Saturday, October 03, 2009


I have no proof that what I am saying is true I just believe it to be so

All of us will have several windows in our lives

Windows that if we go through them will change our lives

Change our lives in positive ways

Take us to new levels

Take us in new directions

Lift our understanding of life

Move us into new possibilities

And if we are successful then further windows will come along

And beyond a certain point we become consciously aware of this process, for that is what it is

With this understanding about how things work we can let go of more of our fears


Because we truly experience that we are part of something

That something does indeed support us

And if we do not see windows?

Then we keep having the same experiences over and over again

Experiences that are often hard to take

In this life and the ones to come if necessary

These repeats are what we call bad luck

What we all find ourselves in from time to time where there are usually two causes

One is the karma we need to pay for things we have done

The other our life lessons that we are not getting, not understanding or accepting

So as windows are few in life be open to opportunities

Keep your eyes open

Windows by their very nature will demand you take risk

They demand choices

They often demand courage

They always demand integrity

They always demand you take your decision before you have any proof that it is so

Windows come to all of us

Make sure you are ready for yours

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