Tuesday, November 10, 2009

18th century Russian women

Did you know?

For much of the eighteenth century Russia was ruled by women

After Peter the Great died he was briefly succeeded by his wife Catherine I

She was followed by Peter's grandson Peter II

But he died in only three years and was followed by Peter's niece Anna

When she died in 1740 she was briefly succeeded by a baby prince

He was soon deposed by the daughter of Peter the Great who became the Empress Elizabeth

She was followed in 1762 by Peter II

Within a few months he was overthrown by his wife, the German Princess Sophia of Anhalt-Zerbst, who became Catherine the Great

Though widely differing in tastes and talents these women all contributed to increasing the visibility of women in Russian public life

It could well be argued that they did as well or better than the men who have ruled Russia

Is it not time we had another woman ruling Russia?

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