Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So many claim to be healers today

Seems like it's the fashion

All kinds of approaches from quaint and weird to sane and secure

Our take on this is simple

A true healer, in our understanding of that word, will never ask for money


Because if they are healers using the resources of nature, which most claim to be doing

Then they may not charge for something that is not theirs

The act of healing another is one of service not profit

And yes in the modern world this is rare

However this is how we see it

The healer may accept donations and yet may not ask for any

Those who choose to give do so because they feel to do so, not because of any obligation to do so

Those who do not are free to create their own karma, which is not the business of the healer

The healers we are talking about accept that life will carry risk and they accept this

Somehow life looks after them and provides what they need

Note what they need not what they might want

Wanting is also a no no for those we are talking about

They do not want they appreciate what they have

Their focus is not on the material

Their focus is on doing the best they can with whoever and whatever is sent their way

Just a few thoughts on your average modern healer

If your healer has not healed him or herself then they are mixing their energy with yours
Happy about that?

If they have illness be it physical or mental do you really want to mix yours with theirs?

And just what have they learnt?

Where and with whom?

Before engaging a gas repair man you want to know if he has the right credentials

Same for a healer

Where did he learn?

What did he learn from whom, for how long, and did he have to show or prove aptitude?

If the answers don't sound right then think twice

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