Sunday, November 08, 2009

Being positive

We are often asked why we are so positive

How can we stay so positive?

Positive when our lives are spent hearing about terrible situations

Treating those with horrible terminal illnesses and other conditions

Seeing some die and decline

Others walking away too frightened to fight or change

Yes it does get to us

It is hard to have a permanent firewall between ourselves and those who come to us for help

Hard not to get emotionally involved when you like those you are helping

So how come we are positive when we can also see through the lies and hypocrisy of those who lead us?

Like most of us we hate the hypocrisy, greed and selfishness so prevalent today

When we can see the future

When we can know what will happen


Because we follow rules

Because we lead disciplined lives

Because we believe

Believe in what we do

Beyond belief we know beyond doubt, for ourselves that is, the truth of what is and is not

The truth of the perennial or ageless wisdom

We understand why we are where we are as a species

And what we must go through as a species

We know where we are as individuals and can imagine no other way of life

Serving is fine

Making a contribution is fine too

In whatever comes our way

Accepting pain and sorrow along the way is OK with us

Feeling and experiencing an ever closer relationship with nature is amazing

Feeling part of the creative aspect of nature is a powerful experience

So for us as half atoms in a big universe being positive goes with the territory

Being positive comes with where we are on our journey

As it can be for any other person who so chooses

Choices we all make

Choices made easier by taking the trouble to find out the truth of things

That's why we are positive

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