Saturday, November 07, 2009

The time it takes

To read this will not take long

Yet if it leaves you with a thought for the day then that's pretty neat

Here we go then

What is the most important thing you will do today?

Mmmmm maybe it is a special day then the answer is easy

Maybe it is a critical day then the answer is easy too

But if it is just another day then what qualifies as the most important thing in your day

How do you approach the idea of the most important thing?

What touches you most?

What really speaks to you?

For me it is making sure my wife is OK

By this I mean telling her I love her at a time and place where she is not expecting this

You may call me selfish because it is increasing the odds that I will have a return gesture


But then what can be more important?

Take it a step further and I will try to give a present to everyone I meet today

Again you could say I am selfish because I hope for a return on my efforts

Yes true if they smile at me I feel good

If we share a laugh that's pretty neat too

True that seeing them happier is also a buzz

In fact when you think of it making others feel good is one of life's pleasures

So making it my most important thing is really a very sound investment

Funny how so many are too busy to remember this simple idea

Thinking of others and making them happier is soooooooooo important

Just the time it takes that's all


Alexandra said...

quite right, it is a buzz! what a very good reminder today for me, as I will be working in the shoe shop and meet lots of people!

I love your blog!!!!

Antony said...

Why thanks, it's nice if they hit "buttons"