Friday, November 27, 2009

Slightly tardy reply

"Money you may place into an account, yet how do you store energy inside?"

This was a question asked about a blog I wrote on the 4th of March 2006 and then subsequently added bit more on the 9th

I have no idea whether or not the person who wrote it still reads these blogs, however I felt like coming at it from a slightly different perspective

Yes you can place money in an account however you do not know what it will be worth when you come to take it out!

Lets just say it is positive

Energy is more complex

To store energy in a simple sense we eat food

In the sense that I feel you were asking about it is slightly more difficult

Energy feeds on energy

We store it to use it later

The trick is to go further

If we are angry and down we use more and store less

If life presses upon us we use more and save less

If we are happy we also use more however we gain more and this is the energy that stays within us

To store the maximum be positive

Be optimistic

Be excited by nature, the world, your life

Be curious

All of these help store energy inside

Of course when life is hectic and getting increasingly unpredictable this becomes more of a challenge

Be aware that once you use your reserves it is harder to get them back again

The trick is to balance input and output by learning how to be patient and calmer

When you can do this you are using less energy and causing less damage to the system
And once you learn how to do this you set up a virtuous cycle where energy is always available
When we are really tired we like it when we need to give someone a correction because after we have finished we feel that we have more energy than when we started
A " positive commission" if you will
To attain positive energy storage it is also necessary that you do not bullshit yourself into mantras of positivity when you do not really believe them
Learning the truth of things allows you to go beyond mantras or forced sayings of a positive nature
Further than this you know, not a belief, you know the truth
At this point you are well on your way to having positive energy storage all the time
Life being process do not beat yourself up if you feel you have a long way to go, even the greatest Master started where you are now at some point in his or her journey
If you are still out there I hope you find this admittedly short answer OK

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