Monday, November 30, 2009

Wondering about the future

If you do this a lot then time to consider if it makes any sense

If it is your job fine

If it is because you worry then not so fine

The future is just that the future

Not something that many can see and those who really can will not usually share it with others because it is not the thing to do

We are asked why not?

Our answer is because you can set things in motion that you have no right to interfere with

No one should manipulate others by saying things that might or might not occur

No one may interfere with another's karma

All should have the right to make their choices according to their own understanding of things

So that is why we do no future prophecies

Turning to those who do though notice this

Futurology is fine so long as the futurologists stays far out preferably to some point in the future where he will no longer be around

Few saw the fall of communism

Few saw global warming or climate change becoming a major issue

Few saw constant global ongoing weather related disasters becoming a major issue

Few saw 9/11

Most futurologists take the present and extrapolate some version of this into the future

It seldom happens that way

Seldom do they get it right because there are always variables that no one foresaw

An exception to this is the rise of the Muslim world

Many saw the intolerance

Many saw the emigration to other lands

Muslim populations are growing faster than those of the countries they are populating

European countries have only just begun to understand that many Muslims have no intention of integrating with the societies they are occupying

This is one aspect of the future that we can be sure of

Many Muslim people will not integrate

In many instances their feelings to the laws and rules of their faith are greater than to those of the societies of whom they are nominal members

Europe and other countries need to decide if this is acceptable?

So far most have not talked about this openly

Most have not taken issue with this change to their cultures and societies

Will they do so?

In these politically correct times probably not until it is too late

Already areas of France, Denmark, Sweden the UK are to all intents and purposes no go areas for non Muslims

Areas of their own countries

Areas that are to all intents and purposes no longer operating under the same laws

This is a taste of the future that awaits other countries

So if you are given to wondering about the future this is one pretty certain development

This is part of the future that needs no genius futurologist to foretell

The ramifications can be extreme

Have you thought about this?

Is this OK by you?

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