Sunday, November 29, 2009

So many inventions

Were made when the inventor was not thinking

"It just came to him"

An insight

A flash of understanding

Many great inventors have admitted this

Many have not

Why not?

Often for reasons of ego

For reasons of money

Reasons of fame and fortune

Anyway leaving their reasons aside why is it like this?

Why do these men and women get these insights when they are not thinking about that issue or problem?

Because it is given to them

The answer already exists

They are searching for that answer

Searching with their minds

The answer cannot be found through mind, the left brain hemisphere

It can only be found when they are relaxed, through the right brain hemisphere

Note left brain scientists, inventors making their major discoveries through their right brain hemispheres

Not through their left brain where they spend most of their time

Truth is accessed through the right brain hemisphere

Insights occur when the left brain is not interfering

Not engaged

Not involved

Not judging or comparing analysing

When their brains are at rest they are accessing other realms

Some call it the akash

Whatever it's name it is where these insights occur, for that is what they are

The information being available to those looking in the right way

Some use their insights wisely some not

All have that choice

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