Saturday, December 05, 2009

Corporate cultures

Or as some call them Corporate minefields or mindsets

In the Corporate world or any organization come to think of it people don’t have much trouble communicating with friends and those people they trust.

If communications are a problem, the first place to look for an answer is the level of trust in the organization.

Then look at the culture if it is macho and vicious with everything being based on short-term, cheap-and-nasty tricks

Essentially being about giving the leaders what they want while giving as little as possible to those who provide it
Then here is your clue
Look at the boss, right up at the very top
When we worked with corporations it always intrigued us that the top man’s character usually told us what we would find inside his structure

Sure enough if he was a nasty greedy little piece of work then his organisation would reflect that too

On the other hand if ethics and reasonable behavior were his thing then the corporation would reflect this

So often was this true that we could know from this one piece of information how often the culture would likely be in trouble with the media, the law courts, unions and so on.

Not infallible for sure but pretty accurate
And once a certain ethos gains hold then it permeates the whole organisation
Like hires and retains like

So what culture are you in?

Is this where you should be?
Is this where you want to be?
Oh and don’t expect this to change, unless the corporation gets taken over or bought out and another culture prevails
Like does attract like
As an old proverb says a fish rots from the head down


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