Friday, December 04, 2009

Marriage in Marbella Spain

Every country has quirks, some nice, some not

If you marry in Marbella they give you a paper after your marriage ceremony

On this paper is the heading "Practical Advice for Marriage"

Recently we found it among some old papers

We liked it as it is simple and not bad advice

So we show it here in the original wording

1 - Don't both be angry at the same time

2 - Don't you ever shout to each other, unless the house is burning

3 - If one of you wants to win the fight, let it be the other

4 - If you have to criticise something, do it with love, as you would like the other to do it to you

5 - Don't ever remember mistakes of the past

6 - Be always at his or her disposal

7 - Never go to sleep if something you disagree with has not been solved out

8 -  At least once a day, try to say something nice to the other and express your love with a thoughtful gesture

9 - When you have done something wrong, be humble enough to recognise it and say you're sorry

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