Thursday, December 03, 2009


A human drone is someone who sees life as a totally self indulgent experience 

All the time, every day, in every way

Taking, taking and adding nothing

Just being self indulgent


The life dedicated solely to self and its amusement

What a waste!

Can anyone imagine that life is about consumption and amusement alone?

Self absorption alone?

Imagine the surprise of the drone when he finds that his pleasure dims as he gets older

Nothing seems to offer much of a buzz anymore

He heeds more and more of everything in order to get the same buzz as before

Maybe  that's why his life is boring to him and others around him

Maybe just maybe life is designed for more than that of the drone 

Can anyone believe that God or intelligence put us here to spend all our time playing at amusing ourselves?


That would not be the hall mark of any God or intelligence we can think of

No God or intelligence would go to the trouble of creating this amazing planet and its nature for the selfish amusement of drones

And no this planet did not randomly evolve into what we have today

It is far too subtle and complex

No we are on a journey where we all learn a bit more in each life

Each life to designed for us to experience and learn more

That makes more sense and the hallmark of intelligence is that there is sense
Drones do not learn this they just get stale like anything that sits around indulging itself

Parasites are to be found in any environment

Feeding on others so that they do not have to work

Drones are parasites

And there are many millions of them around us today

When things get too bad nature or that intelligence has a way of shaking things up

This is what we are in the beginning of now

The shake out has started

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